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What Is an Oxygen Sniffer?

An Oxygen sniffer is an electronic device that detects and alarms when the atmosphere in a room or confined space has low levels of oxygen. Typically, this type of monitor will draw an oxygen (O2) gas sample and sound an alarm when the O2 level drops below 19.5%. This type of monitor is essential for detecting low levels of oxygen in a space where people may be present, such as a confined work area or room.

What is oxygen monitoring system?

There are several ways that an oxygen sensor can be used to detect airborne levels of O2. The most common, and widely used, is the electrochemical sensor cell that uses a galvanic cell to output electrical current proportional to the oxygen concentration it senses. These sensors are self-powered, making them ideal for use in hand-held safety devices and battery-operated oxygen meters.

Another way of detecting oxygen is with an optical sensor, which uses a fluorescing material to change in color depending on the concentration of oxygen it is exposed to. This sensor can be used in medical facilities, lasers, and imaging systems.

A combustible gas detector, sometimes referred to as a “sniffer” or a “gas detector”, can also be used to measure atmospheric O2. These types of devices detect gas species like hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride, in addition to combustible gases like carbon monoxide. These types of gas detectors usually have a flexible probe, so they can be easily maneuvered to measure in small spaces.

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