Snow Mobile ACSA blog How Big is the Hummer EV Battery Pack?

How Big is the Hummer EV Battery Pack?

hummer ev battery size

The 2022 hummer ev battery size the resurrected version of General Motors’ iconic off-roader brand, is a bombastic EV that pays homage to its gas-guzzling ancestors by devouring electrons. In fact, the huge pickup needs so many of them that it’s essentially two “normal” electric vehicles in terms of power needs and energy consumption. That makes it a huge draw on the electricity grid, as well as expensive to drive and maintain—but how much does that massive battery pack weigh?

GM hasn’t disclosed the exact curb weight of the Hummer EV, but it estimates that the battery pack adds around 9000 pounds. The company also recently published a video of the Hummer EV’s battery pack disassembling, and the journalists who shot it were surprised that such a large component could be so easily removed. They also noted that the pack is extremely heavy due to its stamped steel construction and the many fasteners that hold it together, estimating that there are more than 257 fasteners on the entire battery pack.

Hummer EV Battery Size: Specs and Capacity

As for the pack’s energy capacity, GM has said that it has a usable range of 314 miles. To achieve that, the pack has a 212-kWh capacity—more than triple the size of the Chevy Bolt’s and more than double that of the Hyundai Ioniq’s.

GM’s engineers made some clever choices when designing the pack, including using a dual voltage architecture that allows the pack to charge at either 400-volt or 800-volt DC fast chargers—which significantly cuts down charging times. The pack also uses regenerative braking, which draws power from slowing down the vehicle and uses it to recharge the battery.

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