Day: November 20, 2023

Passover Vacations for the Whole FamilyPassover Vacations for the Whole Family

Passover Vacations

The Jewish holiday Passover lasts for eight days. Many families take advantage of hol hamoed pesach, the intermediate days that fall between the first and last two days, to escape their homes and travel to vacation hot spots for a luxurious Passover getaway. In recent years, those vacations have moved beyond Miami Beach and the Catskills to places like Sardinia in Italy; the Riviera Maya in Mexico; Scottsdale, Arizona; Whistler, Canada; and even a fully kosher South African safari.Source

There are also incredible kosher for Passover programs offered in the United States. The best ones offer a wide variety of accommodations and amenities, including pools, spas, golf courses, tennis courts and beaches. They also often feature famous singers and mentalists, sports coaches and tour guides.

Unwind and Rejoice: Planning the Perfect Passover Vacation Getaway

Some of these programs are all-inclusive, so you pay one price and get kosher food, minyanim, Shabbos and a daf yomi shiur as well as all outings and activities included in the program fee. These can include anything from horseback riding or a camel trek to island cruises, ski rentals and lift tickets and full local Jewish History tours.

With the pandemic still in effect and many airlines limiting or canceling flights, some families will not be able to travel to their usual kosher for Passover locations this year. However, there are plenty of other ways to make hol hamoed pesach fun for the entire family. Try a hands-on craft activity that gives kids the opportunity to create something special for themselves and their family. This could be making a collage of photos of the kids or creating a special piece of art with their names written on it, if they’re old enough to do so.