Day: November 12, 2023

MRI BucharestMRI Bucharest

The strong magnetic field created by the RMN Bucuresti causes atoms in your body to align together and sends out radio signals. The signals are recorded by the machine and turned into visual images that appear on a monitor. This scan is very useful for examining organs and soft tissue. It can also be used to find and diagnose tumors, infections, injuries, bleeding, or diseases of blood vessels. It may be used instead of CT or X-rays for certain procedures, or in combination with them.

The Complete Patient’s Handbook: What to Expect from MRI in Bucharest

MRI is a safe and painless procedure. Before the test begins, a radiology technologist will ask you to remove any metal objects, such as hearing aids or jewelry. You will be asked to lie on a narrow table that slides into the scanner. The table will be strapped to help keep you still. You may be given a sedative before the scan to help you relax and to make it easier for you to stay still. Headphones will be provided to block out the loud scanner noise. You may hear clicking, tapping, and thumping sounds during the scan.

The radiologist who reads your MRI scan will send the results to the physician who ordered it. It may take a few hours to get the results of your MRI scan.